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Brief Overview

Project leader: Krzysztof Kuchcinski

In this project, we address reconfigurable array processor architectures as well as software tools for their programming. A massively parallel execution platform with powerful computing nodes and hierarchical interconnection structure suitable for streaming applications will be developed and studied. The distinct features of our software development approach are the use of the CAL language for programming of these architectures as well as the development and use of tools for timing and energy analysis at early design stages. Combining both hardware and software experts in the same project provides a strong basis for covering the whole spectrum of this new technology.

There are four groups participating in this project:

  • CS@LU - Embedded System Design group (Computer Science, Lund University)
  • EIT@LU - Digital ASIC, (Electrical and Information Technology, Lund University)
  • HH - Halmstad Embedded and Intelligent Systems research (Halmstad Högskola)
  • LiU - Computer Engineering, (Electrical Engineering, Linköping University)

CS@LU Activities

Sub-project leader: Krzysztof Kuchcinski

The group works on parsing, partitioning and mapping.  The main task is to do analysis of CAL programs and their partitioning, mapping and scheduling with focus on addressing memory issues and optimization methods based on constraint programming.

EIT@LU Activities

Sub-project leader: Viktor Öwall

The group works on one of the main many-core array processor architectures with emphasis on interconnection networks and, possibly reconfigurable, processing elements. 

HH Activities

Sub-project leader: Verónica Gaspes

The group work on ACL compilation back-end, i.e. code generation as well as energy efficiency and energy scalability from the software point of view.

LiU Activities

Sub-project leader: Dake Liu

The group is working on further development of ePUMA architecture with emphasis on its processing elements. In addition, the group addresses also software compilation and mapping problems.

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