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2011-12-07, Linköping: Hardware Architecture Workshop

The main focus of this workshop is to inform the groups involved in HiPEC about the hardware architectures, namely ePUMA from LiU and the EIT architecture from LTH.

2012-10-10, Lund: Sub-project leaders' meeting

The purpose of this meeting was to discuss the current status of the project as well as plan future development and collaboration between the sub-projects. During the morning session the sub-project leaders presented status of the work in their respective groups as follows.

The afternoon session was spent on discussing how to organize the work around compiling CAL into our two architectures. Two groups has been formed that will look on compiling CAL into ePUMA and EIT/LTH architectures. Each group is formed to have researchers and PhD students from CS/LTH and HH as well as researchers and PhD students from related architecture group. The driving example has been also selected. It is 8x8 (I)DCT and it will be used as the first application for identification of needed methods and tools. Both group will meet on October 30 to discuss the application, its current manual mapping and ways to proceed. The group working around EIT/LTH architecture will meet before lunch and ePUMA group after lunch.


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