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HiPEC News

HiPEC kick-off meeting, Lund


Agenda included a short presentation of technologies offered participating groups to the project and discussion in four groups. They were focused on CAL compilation, hardware architectures, CAL analysis and optimization, and evaluation platforms.

9:00  Coffee

9:30 HiPEC project presentation

            - Presentations of groups, their competence and main technologies to be used in the project (10 minute for each group).

10:30 Work in parallel in two smaller groups:

- CAL compilation internals (front-end, back-end)

- Hardware architectures (ISA, NoC, programmability, reconfigurability, etc.)

12:00 Lunch

13:00 Work in parallel in two smaller groups (different composition of groups):

-  CAL analysis and optimization opportunities.

- Evaluation platforms (simulation, other platforms, etc.)

14:30 Benchmarks and demos for the project.

15:00 Coffee

15:30 Reporting from the groups and discussion.

ca. 17:00  End of the meeting.


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